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By England casshern in website on Thursday 03 February @ 02:09
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New Member and a Birthday

I would like to start by giving a BIG WELCOME BACK. To old school member Jan Hamers aka Netherlands slammer. Who was my right hand man when i started nWa back in 2000 on MOH:Spearhead. How also visited me here in the UK when i got married.

Today i would also like to to wish Ade aka England Spade a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Who is now a big fat 23. But still a little 4foot tall. Hope you have a great day, from all at .eG

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By England casshern in website on Wednesday 05 October @ 09:48
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Friendly War Vs =DS=

The team tonight was:-

England casshern
England Spade
Netherlands slammer
England Dustydamo
Netherlands SupaH

Man of the match:- Wasnt voted on so was given to noone,
England Dustydamo 3rd game and getting better, Also was great to see old friend Netherlands slammer step in last min to replace Wales Okay54 who had to pull out in the last min, (que laughing fromEngland Spade).

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By England casshern in matches on Wednesday 05 October @ 09:10
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